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Hometown Heroes

Here in Chicago, we have one of the best music scenes in the country. A huge, amazing city where the arts are able to thrive. It is no surprise that a great deal of talented artists come out of Chicago and have notable success on a national platform. The list of these artists goes on... Read more »

Beach Fossils at The Subterranean 5/01/13

Ivy Dye
Indie pop group Beach Fossils played The Subterranean in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago with bands Ivy Dye and Twin Peaks opening up for them.

Forgotten but not Gone

The world of Indie Rock has always been characterized by its “underground” element. In other words, the less popular or widely known a band or artist is, the more interesting and appealing they are to the music fans who do happen upon them. But even in a genre where the less known you are the... Read more »

The Commercialization of 'Indie'

If someone were to say the word “indie” what would be the first thing to come to your mind? There was once a time when the term was simply a condensed way to refer to independent music. It then evolved into a music genre all its own encompassing various different styles. Nowadays a whole subculture... Read more »