The Music Blog's Role in The Music Industry

We are living in a society where it seems literally everything is moving to the internet. We got our news from the internet, share our pictures and albums online, we can now even deposit checks without leaving the house by taking a picture on our smartphone. The internet is our source of so much of our daily information as well as entertainment.

One medium that has gained a lot of popularity on the internet, especially in recent years, has been blogging. Log on to the world wide web right now and without a doubt you will be able to find a blog on any topic you can imagine. There are countless blogs covering a vast array of topics and interest surrounding them and overall readership has only increased over the years.

This has paved the way for a whole new platform for the world of entertainment reporting, especially when it comes to music. Journalists, critics, and music fans alike have an outlet for voicing their opinions and ideas regarding artists, new albums, concerts, etc. The internet has become the go-to for those looking to discover new bands as well as read about upcoming releases from bands they already know and love which gives the individuals writing these articles and reviews a great deal of power.

You look at the popular indie internet publication Pitchfork Media. With such a devoted readership and following people have come to depend on the site's reviews as a guide for what they should and should not listen to. Pitchfork is powerful in that the website and its writers actually have the ability to impact record sales based upon what they publish. Something I like to refer to as the "Pitchfork Effect."

Music writers on a smaller scale have a great deal of power as well. It doesn't have to be a major business like Pitchfork but could be the teenage music lover who writes a blog devoted to his favorite bands. It could be a mom who takes a little time out of her do to post lists of her favorite songs or albums. No matter who's doing the writing, you can see that fans take their cues and ideas about various genres, artists, albums, and songs from all over the place.

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