Hometown Heroes

Here in Chicago, we have one of the best music scenes in the country. A huge, amazing city where the arts are able to thrive. It is no surprise that a great deal of talented artists come out of Chicago and have notable success on a national platform. The list of these artists goes on and on but here is my top three picks for some of the best acts in indie rock and alternative who got their start in the Windy City.

Smith WesternsBy far, in my opinion, one of best indie bands to come out of Chicago in a long time. The band has just been out touring after the success of their album Dye it Blonde and their new album Soft Will is due out this June. They will also be making their way to Grant Park in August to play Lollapalooza. They have an excellent and infectious sound and I can only see big things in this young band's future.


Maps & Atlases: A band from Illinois whose members met in art school while all attending Columbia College Chicago. They have put out several fantastic releases including the album Perch Patchwork with fun, catchy singles such as 'Pigeon' and 'Israeli Caves.'  These guys play around Chi-town quite a bit as well as touring nationally. They are skilled musicians with fun-loving and unique songs that are sure to intrigue any music fan.


Andre Bird: A skilled songwriter with a lovely voice, this Illinois native has had quite the music career dropping many well-received albums, touring the country, and even releasing a documentary "Fever Year" in 2011. His lovely voice and poetic lyrics have carved him a place in many music-lovers' hearts.


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