The Commercialization of 'Indie'

If someone were to say the word "indie" what would be the first thing to come to your mind? There was once a time when the term was simply a condensed way to refer to independent music. It then evolved into a music genre all its own encompassing various different styles. Nowadays a whole subculture has arisen, mainly consisting of people who are considered to be "hipsters" who use the term as a way of identifying themselves. The association usually being that the individuals within this subculture often listen to and enjoy music that falls under the broader genre of what has become known as indie. As time has progressed, this hipster subculture has become revered and seen as what is cool and trendy and as we all know living in a consumer culture, what is cool is what is marketable. Overall it seems that "indie" has become more of a reference to a fashion trend rather than to a movement/sub-genre in the music world. It is a word used to sell a certain idea or lifestyle; the indie lifestyle. It isn't rare to find someone now saying something along the lines of "Oh I love those boots, they're so indie" or "That guy over there is so indie." It has become synonymous with hipster culture, which is something entirely separate.


So how do we get back to the root? How do we differentiate between what is organic and true to the origins of what indie actually stands  for and what is just a marketing tool, feeding into a larger fad?

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