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How to Find Time for Daily Exercise

It happens so easily. Your job, your kids, or your daily errands get in the way of your workout. Before you know it, you’ve stopped working out altogether. How are you supposed to fit exercise in when you have so much to do? It may be easier than you think. Your body needs at least... Read more »

20 Ways to Exercise Your Heart and Mind

1. Set achievable goals. 2, Learn to dance. 3. Walk your pet. 4. Do the dishes by hand. 5. Work on a jigsaw puzzle. 6. Join a neighborhood clean-up. 7. Try a yoga class. 8. Jump rope. 9. Clean out the garage. 10. Walk into your bank, don’t use the drive-up window. 11. Learn to... Read more »

10 Healthy Health Tips!

First step is committing to Healthy Living, and truthfully, its hard. Decades of research point to a number of health habits that really make a difference to good health. If you can commit to these 10 habits over time, you will be on your way to a healthier life: 1. Seek regular health care: Good... Read more »

"The Joy of Stretching!"

Do you often wonder why You Need to Stretch? Do you have a regular fitness routine? If you answered yes, great! You’re already doing a lot to take care of yourself. But answer this: Does your routine involve regular stretching? If not, you might want to think about adding it. Keep these things in mind:... Read more »

"Dear Mrs. Obama, do you have a moment?"

Today I am reaching out to you personally to listen to what I can contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic, help prevent it, help with dealing with it. I have reached out to my state representative and congress, even the Illinois State Board of Education, which referred me back to the above mentioned. Both supported... Read more »

Diet or Lifestyle Change, which do you prefer?

As a personal wellness Chef, diet is an unpleasant word, so why can’t we start calling it a “Healthy Lifestyle Change?” Working with clients in the Chicago area and Northwest suburbs, clients go into “shock and fear” with the sure mention of the word “Diet”. It sets clients up to fail and not succeed their... Read more »

Tips on an Exercise Plan

It’s never too late to start getting more active. That’s true even if you’ve never exercised before. If you are in good health with no injuries or conditions that could affect you when you when you’re active, you can start an exercise program. If you are just starting, make sure to ease into it and... Read more »

When do You Workout?

When you work out is a personal choice. Getting regular exercise is the main thing. Here are some things to think about. • Your metabolism is higher for hours after you work out. That’s true no matter when you exercise. So working out in the morning may help you get a jump on your calorie... Read more »