Zentangle: Healthy Art Therapy

Life is a building process and all experiences are included into our life patterns.  I recently attended a health and wellness seminar where I discovered an interesting relaxation, meditation therapy called Zentangle.  Zentangling is an ancient form of art, for children, teens and adults, in which all you need is a sketch book and a pencil.  There is no wrong when creating these amazing forms of art therapy, each design is custom to how you are feeling at the moment and what you want to sketch.  There is no eraser needed, as just as in life, we can't erase events and mistakes, instead we must build upon them and make improvement from any event.  For more information on Zentangles, please visit www.zentangle.com and join up for their free newsletter at www.zentangle.com/whats-new.php.  Here are some of my own personal creations.  I encourage you to try this and please reply with a creation of your own design.  Happy Zentangling!

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