Health Goals, Fresh and Easy!

Do you have a health goal? Are you trying to eat more healthy of be more active? Maybe you are looking for healthy ways to deal with stress. To stay motivated, try these tips to keep your goals fresh:

1.) Is your goal too easy? A goal that is too easy keeps you from doing your best. If you think your goal is too easy, bump it up a little.

2.) Is your goal too big? A goal that is too big is frustrating at most. Break down bigger goals into mini goals. You will most likely to see more progress as you work towards a main goal.

3.) Is your goal the right one for you? Do you need to set aside a goal because there is just too much going on in your life? Don't give up! Just set it aside and switch to a more realistic goal that fits your life at this time. You can always add more goals as you progress.

4.) Have you done what you set out to do? If you have reached a goal, celebrate! Now you can choose another goal to work on!

5.) Have you put as much effort into your goal as you can? Look closely at your goals and be honest with yourself. Are you really doing your best? If you think you could do more, give it a try!

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