Truths about cooking oils.

When it comes to healthy cooking, how do you know which is the healthiest? 20% of your daily calories should be consumed from oils and fats. Here is some helpful information regarding cooking oils.

-Olive Oil or Canola Oil: Great for sauteing, buy only extra virgin olive oil or 100% pure canola. High in heart prevention monounsaturated fat, great for health and nutrition.

-Walnut Oil or Flaxseed Oil: High sources of alpha-linolenic acid, which converts into omega-3 fatty acids in your body. Good use for making smoothies!

-Safflower Oil or Sunflower: Light oil, used mostly in salad dressings, so light, it clings and coats the salad and vegetables.

-Peanut Oil or Sesame Oil: When selecting, choose the one with a darker color. Used in stir fry recipes as oils can be heated to a high temperature for a perfect dish!

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