Stressed? Try these simple 10 health tips to help along the way!

Yoga classes or a run on your treadmill are great ways to lower your general stress level. But what can you do for stress on the go? The following tips can help you reduce your stress anytime, anywhere.

1. Do a quick breathing exercise. Take several slow, deep breaths and release a little more tension each time you exhale.

2. Play your favorite song. Listen to something that puts you in a good mood.

3. Draw a picture. Doodle, scribble, or draw an image of your problem going away.

4. Go for a walk. Just a 10-minute walk can help you gain perspective.

5. Talk it out. Talk to someone about what’s bothering you.

6. Stretch. You can do stretches anywhere: at work, in the car, or waiting in line.

7. Avoid stress in the first place. For instance, if traffic makes you stressed, try another route.

8. Give yourself a quick massage. Massage your temples or neck.

9. Close your eyes. Sometimes, just taking a moment to close your eyes can help you take a step back.

10. Write it down. Try writing out your feelings. Don’t worry about how good your writing is. Just get it on the page.

You may not be able to add hours to the day, but with simple stress-relieving techniques, you can lower your stress level and get more enjoyment out of the hours you have. Remember to take time for yourself, breath and live in the moment, don't worrry about the next!


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    these are good steps to adhere to. one more great thing to utilize i think is the herbal supplement, graviola. i found a review site that states this organic herb naturally reduces stress. havent tried it though.

  • In reply to chrischodefer:

    Thanks for sharing. I do not approve of dietary supplements and choose to get all my vitamins, nutrients and minerals through the right food choices.
    One should only use a supplement if medically necessary. It is a proven fact that 98% of vitamins get flushed down the toliet...If your body doesn't need
    it, excrete it! Enjoy.

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