Smarter Heart, Healthy Mind. What are your thoughts?

I have been reading some studies latley which find the same plaque build up in the arteries that caused heart disease, can also impact the brain. Think about it, the heart and brain are linked by arteries that supply blood, oxygen and nutrients. When plaque builds up and the arteries harden, they deprive the heart and the brain of blood, which can lead to stroke, heart attack or even death.

Here are a few simple thoughts to feed both your brain and your heart:
-Eating just one or two 4 ounce servings of fatty fish a week; salmonn, mackerel, trout. High in omega 3 fats, helps reduce inflammation and keeps blood flowing to the brain.
-Red Wine contains compounds which help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and can prevent clots. So sit down and enjoy a glass!
-Fifteen minutes of moderate exercise can extend your life by 3 years!! So go ahead a park that car at the farest end in the lot!
-Eat your fruits and vegetables. Grandma was right, who would have thought?

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