A Pill For Obesity? Please No!

So I am watching the ticker, seeing how our economy is doing today, and they are highlighting a company out of Mountain View California who in April, will be marketing a pill for the obese population.

I am shocked and stunned at the news today. Again, we are giving society a tool, a message, that is okay to get obese, now there's a pill for it. All I could think of is how many young children are going to hear this and think they now shouldn't focus so much on what they eat, now they have a pill to take care of it.

My question is why aren't we teaching healthy eating habits to children in a healthy way? Such as a mandatory program they should engage in, similiar to D.A.R.E.. Schools are required to have a 12 week class on this, why not a 12 week program about Health/Nutrition/Wellness?

I am a creator of one of these programs. It has been tested at a middle school in the northern suburbs with amazing results. I have been fighting congress, board of education, state representatives for over 4 years to get this important issue across. Thus so far, it has been a roller coaster ride, I am still persuing and hope one day the right person sees the benefits of this program and make it a mandatory law which would require children in grades K-8 to participate in a healthy, interactive program.

Let's not give society a pill to 'fix' obesity. Let's give our children tools, so they can live a long, healthy lifestyle.

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