Powerful Produce!

Pack Your Cart with Produce, that's right, always start your shopping trip in the produce aisle. Fresh fruits and veggies make up a large part of a healthy eating plan. You may find that you spend at least half of your time in this section of the store, as you select, weigh, and bag fresh fruits and veggies.

Keep these ideas in mind as you shop for produce:

• Be sure to buy enough produce to last until your next shopping trip. If you only shop once per week and plan to eat 3 pieces of fruit each day, you’ll need to buy 21 pieces (or servings) of fruit.

• Think about buying fresh produce 2 or 3 times each week.

• Look for a farmers market in your area. Do all your produce shopping there. Many farmers markets offer a wide array of fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies. A trip to the market can turn shopping into a fun outing.

Be sure to fill your shopping list with a variety of healthy foods from all food groups. That way, you can be sure you are getting as many nutrients as possible.

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