Diet or Lifestyle Change, which do you prefer?

As a personal wellness Chef, diet is an unpleasant word, so why can't we start calling it a "Healthy Lifestyle Change?" Working with clients in the Chicago area and Northwest suburbs, clients go into "shock and fear" with the sure mention of the word "Diet". It sets clients up to fail and not succeed their health goal. Dieting is a lifestyle change, and that is what needs to be re-inforced in todays society. Each person needs to figure out what their individual body needs to fuel for the day, daily maintanance, what is best for them, and commit to the plan. What people also need to figure out is that yes, our bodies do need some good old fashioned fat. The best and healthiest way to go about changing your eating habits is realizing you can eat everything you want and still be heatlhy. Combine low to moderate physical activity, healthy eating habits and you'll never use the "D" word again! Moderation is the key!

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