"Dear Mrs. Obama, do you have a moment?"

Today I am reaching out to you personally to listen to what I can contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic, help prevent it, help with dealing with it.

I have reached out to my state representative and congress, even the Illinois State Board of Education, which referred me back to the above mentioned. Both supported my program, but none of them came through with the promises that were made to help me.

My name is Chef Jody Emer, I live in the northwest suburbs, and am a Professional Chef with a Wellness Certification. I have created a program which is similiar to "DARE", however, it is focused on Health/Wellness/Prevention/Nutrition. The program is interactive and uses online goverment websites which you have kindly revised to make it easier for all ages to understand. Program is for K-8th grade students.

Please, next time you are in Chicago, can you listen to my idea about this program? I have run a pilot in a middle school with amazing results. They all wrote letters to you about how much better their test scores were, had more energy, felt good about themselves. I would welcome the opportunity to give these to you in person.

I have mailed them 3 times to the White House and have been returned every time. Please let me be part of making a difference in this world.

I sincerely thank you for everything you have done, are doing regarding Health and Wellness for our country.

Chef Jody Emer


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