John McCain and his Brain Tumor

Today we are once again faced with a noted individual fighting a serious illness. Oceans of ink will be spent discussing the Senator’s battle with his cancer. Typically, there is often a great deal of false optimism that occurs in these settings, because we simply cannot accept that people die of cancer. To begin, let... Read more »

Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, but no Dr. Joe. Why?

I wish to begin this post with full disclosure. I am bitterly jealous of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. I always wanted to have my own TV show. (I also always wanted to be in the movies, but that’s a topic for another day.) Now, I’m going to actually give Dr. Phil a pass. For... Read more »

A Short Intermission

Sincerest apologies, gentle readers, for my recent absence, however, in my defense, I have been preoccupied by an event of epic proportions. That event being nothing less than the birth of my second granddaughter, Sarah jean. Born exactly one week ago at 5 ponds 13 ounces (Yes, she was full term.) and 20 inches long,... Read more »

How to Find a “Good” Doctor

A question that I’m frequently asked by people is, “I (or family member or friend) have been told I have (name of condition or problem), who would be a “good” doctor for me to see?” (Fun fact: The most common question I’m asked is, “What’s wrong with you?”) The person always wants a “good” doctor.... Read more »

The Health Care Debacle Solved

Hear me, Oh, Muses and come into my mind. I beseech thee Calliope and Thalia, help me to explain the impossible to these people! OK, sorry, didn’t mean to start off with a Pagan prayer, but I’m really going to need all the help I can get here. I am going to try to explain... Read more »

What Writing an Article That Went Viral Taught Me

I return to my blog with great trepidation. After my last post went viral, (which can be found here) I am now somewhat gun shy, worried that my next one, or twenty will fall flat. I’m almost thinking of just quitting while ahead. (Which, BTW, several commenters on the last post suggest I do.) However,... Read more »

Why I Hate Ravinia

It’s time I spoke up. It’s time I pulled together all the guts and determination within every fiber of my being to speak the Truth, regardless of the consequences. I Hate Ravinia! No shit, I really do. Now, many of you are probably staring at these words in abject horror. “How can this be”, you... Read more »

Why Everything You Eat and Drink Will Kill You

I thought this was an appropriate topic for a mild, sunny day in Chicago. For those of you too hungover or stoned to remember the events of the past few days, on 4/20 a paper was published in Stroke (A journal I’m sure you all read.) stating that there was an association between drinking artificially... Read more »

Dr. Joe Talks with a Facebook Quack

I will confess that I’m still somewhat new to the whole Facebook thing. I only joined because of my blog, but I sense myself always getting sucked in just a little more. My kids have both tried to counsel me on Facebook smarts. “Don’t friend that hot 25 year old, because it’s just a scam.... Read more »

How Do You Identify “Fake News” in Medicine

Well, that’s a great question. One of the greatest problems I’ve had in writing this blog is that I sometimes get overwhelmed by the various topics that come to my attention on a nearly daily basis. I’m also a little lazy, to be fair. What I find most frustrating is that, like the “fake news”... Read more »