This week we were all saddened to hear of the passing of Barbara Bush. At the age of 92, she had truly led a full life, with her husband and son as president and another son as governor. She also had her own impressive list of accomplishments, including the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.... Read more »


So I realized today that I’ve been pretty remiss in my blogging. I had kind of hoped that with all the people stealing my Facebook information, one of them would have been nice enough to do a blog for me, but no. You just can’t find good trolls these days. Part of the problem I... Read more »

Ravinia Strikes Back

I am nothing, if I don’t speak up for the oppressed. Yes, it may seem that I am to speak out about Ravinia again, despite having been warned by ominous whispers emanating from the dark that, “The Board knows who you are! Beware!” But, I am not about to be cowed by a music venue.... Read more »

Guns As Religion

I have to say that I have struggled with the idea of covering the gun debate. On the one hand, it’s a political morass, with no easy or obvious solution. On the other hand, I am a physician and feel some moral obligation to address this bitter debate. First, a disclaimer. I don’t own any... Read more »

Dr. Joe Reveals His Physical Exam Results!!

Good morning, all! I hope this post find you all Hale and Hearty, unlike myself, who am once again battling an illness borne of the plague beasts, also known as my granddaughters. However, I refuse to let that stop me, instead, I thought today I’d reveal the results of my recent physical, since I discussed... Read more »

Blogapalooza: Super Bowl LII, the best Super Bowl party ever!

So, tonight I have been tasked with writing about my favorite Super Bowl memory, which is actually one of the easiest topics I’ve ever had. Without a moments hesitation I can tell you that my favorite Super Bowl of all time was Super Bowl LII. I remember the date so clearly: 2/4/18. It will be... Read more »

The (Mis)Diagnosing of Donald Trump

Happy Friday to all! I’m choosing to write this blog early, before I go on my weekend binge. Today, I decided to write about the results of Donald Trumps’ physical, as well as, adding a few words about his mental health. Now, I’m sure some of you are saying, “Why now? That was 10 days... Read more »

Physician Heal Thyself, Or, How I Defeated the Cold from Hell

My dearest readers, I return to you from beyond the grave. I have been deeper into the “Further” than ever before. I have battled a plague that makes the Black Death seem mild, in comparison. In short, I have had the dreaded “Man Flu”. I’ll give those readers with weaker constitutions a moment to recover... Read more »


Happy New Year friends! I trust all of you have sufficiently sobered up enough to be able to read coherently again. If not, no worries, I always keep these as simple as possible for you guys. So, over the myriad Holiday Festivities, many of my “dearest friends” came to me saying, “Oh, Joe, you’ve got... Read more »

To Flu or Not To Flu (Shot)

Today I am embarking into treacherous waters surrounding the flu vaccine. I want to be clear that this is due to requests by some of my fans, who were kind enough to talk to me about getting sick while I was trying to enjoy myself at a party last night. Yes, I love nothing more... Read more »