The Soda Tax

Well, are you happy now? What do you mean, “What?” You know damn well what! Did you see how much that 2 liter bottle of Coke cost? Did you? Answer me! I’ll tell you how much it cost, $1.66. That’s right, the 99 cent bottle now cost me $1.66. Do you know why? No? OK,... Read more »

Call Me Lazarus, For I Have Returned From The Dead

There was a point in time this summer when I was quite certain that my blog would die. Between having my granddaughters living with me and starting a new job, I found that whenever I had a few minutes to myself, I was simply too exhausted to write. However, times change. My daughter and her... Read more »

Dr. Joe’s Guide to the Apocalypse

I have been somewhat remiss in my postings the past few weeks, however, recent events have led me to believe that many of my gentle readers are in a state of anxiety over the inevitable end of the world, which should be occurring shortly. We have a most likely, senile world leader in a pissing... Read more »


I often think back to how much time and effort I put in to becoming a physician. While most of you were getting drunk and laid, I was studying complex mathematical and chemical formulas so I could get into medical school. While you were out working, making money, I was learning reams of material about... Read more »

The Good News Cancer Post!

Glorious good afternoon to you, my gentle readers! I thought that I’d write an article of a more uplifting nature today. After all, I think that with all the negative news we are bombarded with daily, this would be a nice change of pace. So, let’s begin with some news that effects everyone: COFFEE MAY... Read more »

John McCain and his Brain Tumor

Today we are once again faced with a noted individual fighting a serious illness. Oceans of ink will be spent discussing the Senator’s battle with his cancer. Typically, there is often a great deal of false optimism that occurs in these settings, because we simply cannot accept that people die of cancer. To begin, let... Read more »

Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, but no Dr. Joe. Why?

I wish to begin this post with full disclosure. I am bitterly jealous of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. I always wanted to have my own TV show. (I also always wanted to be in the movies, but that’s a topic for another day.) Now, I’m going to actually give Dr. Phil a pass. For... Read more »

A Short Intermission

Sincerest apologies, gentle readers, for my recent absence, however, in my defense, I have been preoccupied by an event of epic proportions. That event being nothing less than the birth of my second granddaughter, Sarah jean. Born exactly one week ago at 5 ponds 13 ounces (Yes, she was full term.) and 20 inches long,... Read more »

How to Find a “Good” Doctor

A question that I’m frequently asked by people is, “I (or family member or friend) have been told I have (name of condition or problem), who would be a “good” doctor for me to see?” (Fun fact: The most common question I’m asked is, “What’s wrong with you?”) The person always wants a “good” doctor.... Read more »

The Health Care Debacle Solved

Hear me, Oh, Muses and come into my mind. I beseech thee Calliope and Thalia, help me to explain the impossible to these people! OK, sorry, didn’t mean to start off with a Pagan prayer, but I’m really going to need all the help I can get here. I am going to try to explain... Read more »