Happy New Year friends! I trust all of you have sufficiently sobered up enough to be able to read coherently again.

If not, no worries, I always keep these as simple as possible for you guys.

So, over the myriad Holiday Festivities, many of my "dearest friends" came to me saying, "Oh, Joe, you've got to see "The Good Doctor! You'll LOVE it!" (Emphasis theirs)

Now, this little piece of advice told me two things:

1) They clearly have not read my blog from the get go or they'd know I despise medical shows. For you newcomers, the link is here.

2) They are clearly not my friends, because of fact number one.

However, given that I am a bachelor this week, and really, just how much porn can you watch (BTW, I think of them as my gynecology rotation refresher course.), I decided to view it.


In between wanting to start sobbing at the incredibly obvious and predictable heart rending moments, I wanted to scream at the ridiculous inaccuracies.

However, I managed to make it through, and herein are my 7 reasons "The Good Doctor" is so damned stupid:

1) It's a tear jerker: Yes, this show has every possible cliché available to make you feel bad for the guy. He gets beat up, he kills his rabbit, he's homeless, his best (and only) friend dies and his brother dies.

Are you fucking kidding me? And this is just the first episode!

2) Everyone at the hospital is having sex: Of course they are! Hell, that's pretty much all I did when I was a resident! Oh, and EVERYONE is hot, because that's exactly how it is in real life! Residents screw, Chief of Surgery and Board member screw, everyone. All the time.

Ever wonder why you often have to wait so long in a doctor's office?

It's because the doctor and his "staff" (pun intended) are busy having sex. All the time!

3) The board has no clue who the residents are: Yep, the board knows about the choice of interns and residents about as much as they know about neurosurgery. (Zero) Furthermore, they could not even begin to give a shit. And the Chief of Surgery makes the decision, not the President of the hospital.

4) Where the hell is the ambulance? The story opens with this child getting injured in a freak accident.
Our autistic doctor manages to go shopping for booze (which they somehow give him, even though it's from the Duty-Free Shop), steals plastic tubing from a soda machine and takes a KNIFE from the TSA.

He then performs some MacGyver like medical shit and saves the kid.

Where the hell was the ambulance? They're at an airport, not the middle of the desert! Seriously? It took an hour for an ambulance? Don't airports kind have them hanging around for, say, emergencies!?

5) Doctors don't allow strangely behaving strangers in the operating room: Imagine this. You go into surgery, and when you wake up this doctor tells you, "Good news, Mrs. Smith! Everything went well because we let this weird kid come in and look inside you to help us figure out what was wrong!"

6) The relatively minor stuff: Degrading remarks and behavior by the Chief resident and Attending is pretty much a thing of the past. It's simply not allowed anymore. The pressuring of a patient to sign a surgical consent, because "the room is ready", is complete bullshit.

7) Finally, didn't this kid go to med school? You would think that any residency program would look at those records and see if this kid could actually do the work.

Ok, that's enough. I feel much better now.

I doubt I'll watch another episode, because I don't want to have to increase the dose of my blood pressure medicine.

So, the next time someone tells you to watch something, because, "It's really good!", remember what I always try to teach you:


And, please, don't tell me about it.

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