Hey, everyone! Did you remember to turn back your clocks?

Yep, we all get an extra hour this weekend! Woo Hoo!

What will you do with yours?

I used my hour to complete my proof of Fermat's last Theorem, deciphered an ancient Minoan manuscript written in Linear B and learned a new language (Urdu).

How about you?

Actually, I didn't do a damn thing except get up at 6 AM, as opposed to 7, because my internal clock resets about as easily as the one on your old VCR. (You know, the one flashing "12:00" all the time.)

Now, much has been written about the whole time change issue, however, nothing has been written about what its impact on me is.

Once again, I have to do everything.

The time change does not sit well with me. It typically takes two or three weeks for me to adjust. It doesn't matter if it's forward or back.

That's why travel to exotic places like Florida screw me up. That one hour differential is a pain.

Scientists have demonstrated that more people are impacted than one would believe. There's a higher incidence of traffic accidents for a few days afterwards, for example.

But, ultimately, it comes down to this.


I mean who benefits?

The old story used to be farmers, giving them an extra hour of sunlight. Huh?

The number of hours the sun is in the sky doesn't change one iota. The farmers still have the exact same number of hours to get the work done.

Others say that it's good for kids that take a bus to school, so they're not out there in the dark.

OK, maybe, but that's for all of like a week or two, then it's dark again. Anyone think of just putting up a lamppost where these kids have to wait?

There's literally no cogent argument to be made. It's an old, outdated, meaningless exercise that serves to disrupt our normal patterns of behavior.

I realize with all the horrors happening in the world right now, this probably ranks down around third or fourth in importance, but that doesn't mean we should ignore it.

Today, our world operates on a 24 hour cycle, like it or not.

The incandescent bulb has turned night into day.

Television is broadcast continuously, and the internet never sleeps.

Ultimately, time is virtually meaningless in terms of when we can do anything.

So, if someone tells you that this time change is still important, remember what I always say, "GO TO HELL!"

Wait, sorry, that's not right.

I'm just tired, so very tired.


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