Call Me Lazarus, For I Have Returned From The Dead

There was a point in time this summer when I was quite certain that my blog would die.

Between having my granddaughters living with me and starting a new job, I found that whenever I had a few minutes to myself, I was simply too exhausted to write.

However, times change.

My daughter and her family have moved into their new home and my wife is gone this week. The quiet is quite amazing.

And for the first time in a long time, I feel like putting words to paper.

And I am sober enough to do it.

The biggest hurdle was what topic to begin with?

Certainly dealing with Hurricane Irma as it tore across Marco Island was a bit hair-raising, when one owns property there, however, upon learning that everything is ok, then my story is trivial in the face of the terrible losses sustained by so many in the path of that giant storm.

I am tempted to write about my experience dealing with working in a corporation, especially after today, but I suspect I'll shed no light on a topic that my readers probably know much more about than I.

I could write about my recent experience running a 5K, striving to make it sound as though I just climbed Everest without oxygen, but I'm concerned that I then would have to endure stories from the group of pathological runners out there.

Writing about politics is something that will get your page count up and your house burned down.

I could write about medical advances, but there haven't really been anything of note recently. Not even the typical histrionics of something we do everyday causing horrible deaths (like breathing).

So instead I want to touch upon this weekend, where I spent two days with 5 friends in South Haven, Michigan.

This yearly "guys weekend" has been going on now for 10 years or so. We are a group of guys who became friends primarily thanks to the fact that A) Our sons were friends and B) Our wives all liked each other.

I suspect "B" is the more important reason, since if the wives didn't like each other, we probably wouldn't even be aware of the existence of the other guys.

This weekend could not have been better, weather wise. We golfed, ran, sat around by the pool, ate and drank (quite heavily, I might add) and watched sports.

Nothing crazy. No cocaine and strippers (thanks to my moderating effect on the others). Just a great relaxing time.

Given what I did for my career, I am acutely aware of how incredible it is to have friends that one can truly enjoy being with.

We make fun of each other, pour our hearts out (in as much as guys do) and, most of all, laugh.

It is something best appreciated in retrospect, when one has re-entered the daily grind.

As we grow older, you, correction, I, always wonder what year may be our last.

Will we remain healthy enough to go?

Will our family be healthy enough for us to leave them?

Will we still want to make that 3 hour drive?

The fact is, no one knows. That's why you have to really savor the experience, because at its core, it is the true essence of life.

Having the ability to enjoy friends is an extraordinary gift. And I'm truly grateful for the friends and family I have.

They are what makes all the "problems" of daily life trivial.

So the next time you have an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, stop for just a moment to embed the sensation into your memory, and when life inevitably stresses you out, return to that moment, to remind yourself that that is what life is all about.

And if anyone ever tries to tell you different-STAY SKEPTICAL!

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