I often think back to how much time and effort I put in to becoming a physician.

While most of you were getting drunk and laid, I was studying complex mathematical and chemical formulas so I could get into medical school.

While you were out working, making money, I was learning reams of material about anatomy and physiology, so I could get into a good residency, that paid dirt.

I’m certain some of you will say, “See? You got into Harvard! It all paid off.”

But, here is my darkest secret, my deepest shame.

Harvard was my second choice.

It’s true. My whole life I dreamed of getting a residency at the prestigious Clinica0-19 in Monterrey, Mexico.

What? You never heard of it? You must be joking. This facility treats rare and common tumors with therapies that are unavailable in the United States. As one person puts it, “They are light years ahead!”

Now, before I continue, I’ve learned that some of my beloved readers do not understand sarcasm, so let me be clear:


For a mere $30,000 you can get an unapproved therapy. What’s not to like?

(I must digress for a moment. Many of the poor people who are scammed pay for their treatments via a “Go Fund Me page”. Could someone create a page to collect money to pay the damned $10 co-pays people love to try to stiff their doctors on? Thank you.)

I learned of this clinic when I was researching the story of a boy with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). This a disease of the brain stem, that is very difficult to treat. Surgery is not an option, and with current chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the average survival is only 6-9 months.

It’s also very rare, with only about 300 cases a year in the United States.

The story of this little boy talks about his going down to this clinic where they infuse “11 different drugs” through an artery directly into the brain.

The basic treatment philosophy is “immunotherapy”. Depending on which web site you peruse, there are a variety of different treatment descriptions. However, they all stress that they have survival statistics that are far superior to any in the US.

Oh, and no side effects, of course.

As a rule survival is 3 times better, sometimes more. As an example, if survival at 3 years is 3% for metastatic lung cancer here, theirs is 31%. Impressive, no?

Then let me ask you this simple question.

Why do we never see this information published in a peer reviewed journal, or presented at any conference?

And if your knee jerk response is that the Pharma-Industrial Complex prevents it, well, then you’re an idiot, and unfortunately, even this magical clinic does not have a treatment for that.

Now, here’s the most amazing part. I actually came across the stories of several children who succumbed to their disease. Yet, was there a diatribe about what crooks these people are?

No. They simply go on to describe how grateful they were for the time that they had with their child, thanks to these people. Oh, and by the way, no thanks to the doctors who treated the child with legitimate therapy, before they went to Mexico.

I wish there were some way I could make my point clearer.

Science is not magic. If there truly existed a novel therapeutic option for any disease, I assure you it would be researched here in a moment. To think otherwise demonstrates a distrust of medicine and doctors in the United States that I find mind boggling.

If Mexico has such extraordinary skills at treating cancer, then why don’t we know about it? After all, we know about advances made in Canada, European Nations, China, etc.

And why are the advances only in cancer? Why not heart disease, HIV, multiple sclerosis, hemorrhoids, anything else? Is it because there is no money to be made there?

The bottom line is this, like I have repeatedly shouted over the course of this Blog:


All the scams are the same, just differently disguised.

Let me end this by saying that I truly wish for the best for this child. I really would love to know that he was cured. But, if he is not, I hope his family is as vocal about the failure as they have been about their hopes.

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