Dr. Joe Talks with a Facebook Quack

I will confess that I’m still somewhat new to the whole Facebook thing. I only joined because of my blog, but I sense myself always getting sucked in just a little more.

My kids have both tried to counsel me on Facebook smarts.

“Don’t friend that hot 25 year old, because it’s just a scam. She doesn’t really like you.”

“Don’t click on the links.”

“Don’t get into an argument with some random person.”

All sage advice, I guess. Still unsure about the 25 year old. However, on occasion, I ignore them. Why? Two Reasons:
A) I’m their father, and generally know better and
B) See “A”.

Recently, there was a post about one of these miracle cures. Now I won’t give out the names, because I don’t want them to get the publicity, but I will give the details.

It begins with someone saying that their family member had cancer, and that she had only 3-5 days to live. However, he decided to take matters into his own hands and gave her fulvic acid, wheat grass and smoothies made from organic green vegetables.

Lo and behold, in less than a day, she was already demonstrating dramatic improvement.

When I questioned the veracity of the story, I was informed by a woman who promotes this “fulvic acid” and other stuff, how I was just a shill for big Pharma, who, if you’ve followed my blog, is accused of putting down these “natural” therapies because there’s no money to be made.

OK, so now it’s on bitch.

Well, I ran through my typical spiel, and she responded that 2 years ago she had been given weeks to live, but thanks to natural therapy, she’s cured.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. I asked what cancer she had and she said stage IV Hodgkin’s disease. She stated that a medical oncologist told her she only had weeks to live, so she decided to undergo “natural” therapy.

The “natural” treatment, as expected, worked miracles, and she was cured. There was only one tiny hitch in that the cancer had caused a “hole” in her lung and she subsequently had to receive “3” cycles of chemotherapy to fix that.

And that was what I was looking for.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is actually one of the more curable cancers today due to the availability of some very effective chemotherapy regimens. However, it often seems to be the one where individuals will try these “natural” cures first.

So, often, these patients will begin as early stage, but when they come back after the “natural” cure failed, they are advanced stage. Yet, we often still can cure them with chemotherapy.

Now, my little exchange was very interesting from multiple aspects.

First, when encountering a new quack cure, I always research it before dismissing it out of hand. Fulvic acid has a very interesting history, and unbeknownst to me, the NCI has a web site that addresses topics like these therapies.

It turns out that fulvic acid is, wait for it, dirt. Yes, dirt. But dirt from a very specific region in India. It’s been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Its activity, assuming it has any, seems to be due to the presence of multiple minerals which our bodies need, especially some of the trace minerals.

It also may contain things like mercury, lead and bismuth, but don’t worry your pretty little head about that right now.

The testimonials on the page state that it helped people with everything from arthritis, miscarriages, diabetes, etc.,etc., etc. In other words, a panacea.

Now, based on what I’ve said before, let’s think about this.

It’s India. Food has been scarce there due to the massive population for generations. The possibility of people being unable to obtain the vital nutrients they need is quite real, and let’s face it, dirt is dirt cheap. (Ha! See what I did there?)

Now another side note is that the site promoting this, also promotes something called “Humic complex”. What’s that, you ask?

Well, believe it or not, it’s essentially compost. Yes, you read that correctly.

It is the organic material that collects in forests on the ground. The collection of material, such as leaves, plants and animal poop, is broken down by bugs and bacterial organisms to provide a nutrient substance to the plants and trees growing there.

Of course, the comment is made that it’s good for us, too, because come on, you know damn well you don’t get enough mulch in your diet.

This brings up another issue. Pharma doesn’t deal with “nature” because there’s no money to be made.


As I’ve written before, Taxol is a very powerful chemotherapy agent derived from the bark of yew trees.

But, you need to understand that you can’t treat your ovarian cancer with a tea made from this bark. It wouldn’t be concentrated enough, and it would be contaminated with hundreds of other substances, some of which may be toxic.

Therefore, Pharma makes its money from synthesizing a pure form of the drug. If there were a true agent in forest floor compost that could cure cancer, I assure you, Big Pharma would have raked up every forest floor clean to find it.

The final point I want to make is that this woman also received chemotherapy. Now, she can try to down play its role all she wants, but the truth is, this is why she’s here today. You’ll always find that little tidbit of information, if you are persistent enough.

Let’s get back to the originator of this thread with the sick family member.

If someone truly only has 3-5 days to live, it would mean that they are (or should be) on hospice. It would mean they are virtually snowed with morphine and I’d gather, probably not awake, let alone eating.

Now, unless they had a feeding tube, there is no way in hell you will be able to get these people to drink fulvic acid, wheat grass and fucking smoothies!

I don’t know if the guy telling the story is in cahoots with the gal pushing this crap. Maybe the story is real, and maybe his family member rallied a bit when they stopped treatment, but I doubt it. I’m skeptical, it’s my nature.

In any event, there you have it. A new cancer cure all that really doesn’t cure shit. (Although, in fairness, the compost may make you shit.)

So, as I’ve always told you: Stay Skeptical.

And stay away from people espousing crazy ideas.

Now, excuse me, I’m hoping to hear back from that hot 25 year old. Did I tell you she was Latvian? Pretty exotic!

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