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Refs Miss ANOTHER Dangerous Hit on Hossa

Refs Miss ANOTHER Dangerous Hit on Hossa
As far as untalented scumbags in the NHL go, Jannik Hansen is the new Raffi Torres. Torres’ hit was obviously more dangerous, but Hansen CLEARLY targeted Hossa’s head and made no effort to get the puck. Hansen straight up mmmbopped Hossa in the back of the head right in front of a linesman who at... Read more »

Hawks beat Canucks in OT! Recap & Exclusive Photos

Red hot Crawford gets his mind right before the game.
It’s common sports knowledge that the Vancouver Canucks are the most gutless team in sports and that their fans are deranged babies. The Nucks often play dirty then refuse to face justice by running away from fights with such players as John Scott, Jamal Mayers, and now Brandon Bollig. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs last... Read more »