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Solution to Quick? Shoot Early, Shoot Often: Game 1 Photos

The Blackhawks seemed to fly right out of the gate with the momentum they had from the recent Game 7 OT win over Detroit. They went right after the big bad wolf formally known as Jonathan Quick. The Hawks outshot the Kings 17-2 in the 1st despite allowing an unfortunate goal against them. Although the... Read more »

Is Q outsmarting Sutter already? series preview and prediction

Is Q outsmarting Sutter already? series preview and prediction
Although the Sun Times and Chicago Tribune beat writers predict the Blackhawks, Kings series to end in 7 games in the Kings’ favor, Friday’s Hawks practice may have shown us otherwise. The lines Q had at the practice can prove to be very effective against a big team with a super human goalie. Q has formed... Read more »

Blackhawks Beat Wild: Hungry for Cup

Kruger goal!
The only thing better than the Blackhawks 5-1 victory over the Wild that advances them to round 2 of the playoffs is their desire to continue to improve and go deep in the playoffs. Patrick Kane described the team’s hunger after the game: I’m sure a lot of us feel that we can play better... Read more »

Hawks Clinch Playoff Berth

It was going to happen sooner or later, but Sunday night the Hawks clinched a playoff berth after beating the Nashville Predators in a high voltage, fast-paced game. It’s not surprising the Hawks are the first team to clinch after the monumental season they are having. Saad continued to earn his nickname “Man-Child” after snagging... Read more »