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Blackhawks 2014-2015 schedule released

The future?
The Blackhawks 2014-2015 schedule has indeed been released. Click here for the Blackhawks 2014-2015 schedule. It will be another “go hard or go home,” “put up or shut up” year for the Blackhawks, who were arguably a few bad calls, or poor personnel decisions, away from their 3rd Stanley Cup in 5 seasons. The big... Read more »

2013-2014 Blackhawks positives, negatives, and the future

Our beloved Blackhawks really could have repeated as Stanley Cup champs this year. It stinks, it sucks, but the feeling will pass. Mistakes were made, calls were blown, but there is more light than darkness for Hawks fans everywhere. It says a lot about the team we’re lucky enough to watch that when they don’t... Read more »

Blackhawks fight for their lives and stay alive!

Those who tuned into Game 5 between the Blackhawks and Kings or attended at the United Center were treated to arguably the best game of the year and some of the best OT in the history of the NHL. The Blackhawks had to fight for their lives to stay alive against a Kings team that... Read more »

Blackhawks send Blues packing in Game 6

When the Blackhawks came back to beat Detroit in an already historic 7-game series last season after being down 3-1, I remember thinking, “This team can do anything.” The way the Hawks came back from being down against a very hungry St. Louis team 2-0 reinforced that sentiment. It was a great start for the... Read more »

Playoff Time... Blackhawks' chances to repeat

It’s that magical time of year once again. The time for the most thrilling, edge of your seat competitiveness in all of sports, the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Matchup-wise, the Blackhawks will be facing a very mentally and physically beat up St. Louis Blues team that has dropped its last 6 straight contests. If victorious, in... Read more »

Tough Blackhawks Top Blues

Blackhawks fans are sleeping better and better lately. After Sunday’s bout against the St. Louis Blues, the team has won three straight without two of the league’s biggest stars, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. The Blackhawks are seeing incredibly consistent contributions from their depth. Playoff lineup hopeful Jeremy Morin was the number one star Sunday... Read more »

Brandon Bollig from Fighting to Shooting

Brandon Bollig from Fighting to Shooting
guest contribution from Shelby Bryniarski – editor of  Welcome to Hawkey Town Brandon Bollig is known as the Chicago Blackhawk’s undisputed enforcer, but he just might be the most overlooked and under-appreciated player on the team. Bollig is no Jonathan Toews, but that does not take away any of his due credit, as he has massively improved... Read more »

Crawford Haters, Your Hockey IQ is Showing

Crawford Haters, Your Hockey IQ is Showing
It ain’t easy being the goalie. Take the Chicago Blackhawks’ Corey Crawford for example. The guy so drastically improved his game after his first two seasons that he was able to stand on his head through out the 2013 playoffs, win a Cup, and still hasn’t won all the fans over. Many analysts even thought... Read more »

Blackhawks Parade Photos

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Time to Celebrate: The Dynasty is Now

Time to Celebrate: The Dynasty is Now
I called my grandma, a Hawks fan for over 70 years, after they won late Monday night, and she was speechless. My grandmother, now in her eighties, got to see her favorite team win the greatest trophy in all of sports twice in the last four years. Rarely missing a home game the last few... Read more »