Teuvo Teravainen Debuts with Blackhawks

Teuvo Teravainen made his NHL debut with the Chicago Blackhawks against the Dallas Stars Tuesday night. Did he have a natural hat trick, sing the National Anthem duet style with Jim Cornelison and drive a Zamboni? No. But the 19-year-old  had a very solid start to his career with the Blackhawks.

Teuvo went 7-7 on the dot, winning all the faceoffs he took. He also helped some decent plays and chances develop with a few nice feeds. Perhaps what educated fans and Coach Q were happiest to see from Teuvo was how solid he played on his own end.

Teravainen seemed to focus on playing a sound defensive game his first time on official ice. Now that the nerves and first time jitters have evaporated, Teuvo can further develop his offensive game with the Hawks.

With his offensive skill set and the faceoff and defensive chops Teuvo demonstrated Tuesday night, the sky is the limit for Teravainen with the Blackhawks.  Teuvo will likely get more and more ice time and responsibilities with the Hawks to fill the hole Patrick Kane has left in the line up. Seeing him eventually reach his full potential as a player will be even more interesting, and exciting.

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