Stanley Cup Final: Even Steven

Stanley Cup Final: Even Steven

Note to self: losing in overtime is not as fun as winning in overtime.

Yes, the Blackhawks did not want to go to Boston with the series tied. But they didn't want to fall behind a hot Detroit team 3-1 either.

They seemed to leave all their steam in the 1st, out-shooting the Bruins 19-4. By the 2nd, the Hawks had cooled off with little bursts of quality scoring chances here and there till they got caught on their heels in overtime.

The Blackhawks have become way to dependable on Corey Crawford to keep them in and bail them out of games. Once again, just like with the Detroit series, the stars need to produce.

I'm looking mainly at Toews and Hossa. Bickell needs to be back on that first line to create some room for those boys to work.

Even though this Stanley Cup Final match up is incredibly even. The Hawks have the skill. The 1st period showed that and most of Game 1 showed that.

Also, the disallowed goal for the Hawks in the 1st was a momentum killer. When asked what the official's explanation was for the costly disallowed goal, Coach Q stated, "He said his intention was to blow the whistle." The road to hell is paved with NHL officials' intentions.

Maybe what gave Boston the edge Saturday night was their physicality. The Hawks out hit the Bruins Wednesday, but Saturday night the Bruins were much tougher than the Hawks.

They need to find that right mix of toughness and skill that was working in Game 1. Or, if they are going to solely play the speed game, don't leave it all in the 1st. If they can steal a game in Boston, this series can still be very much in their control. Calling all stars...

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