Solution to Quick? Shoot Early, Shoot Often: Game 1 Photos

The Blackhawks seemed to fly right out of the gate with the momentum they had from the recent Game 7 OT win over Detroit. They went right after the big bad wolf formally known as Jonathan Quick.

The Hawks outshot the Kings 17-2 in the 1st despite allowing an unfortunate goal against them. Although the Hawks barraged Quick early on, they weren't lifting their shots as they should have.

That QUICKLY changed in the 2nd with Sharp and Hossa scoring. The Hawks proved many national and even LOCAL(???) writers and analysts wrong in both being much faster than the Kings and as tough as them.

Bickell was again huge for the Hawks with 6 hits, an assist, and 5 shots, and I don't remember the last time I saw Seabrook play so smart and tough.

If they keep this sort of pace and composure for the rest of the series it will be bad news for LA.

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