P. K. Subban wins Norris Trophy in Chicago: Video

P. K. Subban wins Norris Trophy in Chicago: Video

During the 1st intermission of Game 2, it was announced that P. K. Subban had won the Norris Trophy for being the league's best D man in 2013. P.K. Was in Chicago Saturday night at the game to address the media.

Subban, who said he didn't believe he won the Norris till it was in his hands, told the media what an honor it was to win the trophy. P. K. beat out the Minnesota Wild's Ryan Suter by 1 vote.

Subban tallied 66 1st place votes to Suter's 65. This season he had 38 pts. in 42 games for the Canadiens (11 goals, 27 assists).

When asked what it was like to be at Game 2, Subban stated that he'd much rather be on the ice. He also went on to say what a great job Boston and Chicago have done drafting top notch players and that the Canadiens are rebuilding, but already showing a great deal of progress.

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