Game 5 Photos: 1 to go

Those who thought the Blackhawks would continue to elevate their play in Game 5 against the Bruins were correct. The 1st line continued to click with beyond solid D and 2 goals for Kaner.

About halfway through the 1st period, the Hawks took control and didn't let go for the duration of Game 5. Their play dictated that this was the most important game of the season to the Hawks, and for many, their careers.

Although the Hawks have completely taken control of the series and are starting to wear down the big, bad Bruins, it will be interesting to see which, if any injuries will have an effect on Game 6 Monday.

Toews came out to the bench late in the 3rd and didn't see any ice time. Patrice Bergeron left the UC in an ambulance and reports of a spleen injury are popping up on the net from varies sources.

Also, the league will be reviewing Boychuk's high hit on Toews and he could indeed be suspended for Game 6.

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