How Stella(r) Blackhawks Got Their Groove Back in Game 4

How Stella(r) Blackhawks Got Their Groove Back in Game 4

The world knew the Blackhawks needed to win Game 4 to preserve a shot at the Cup. Things were not looking up for the Hawks after a bizarre Marian Hossa injury and Q's magical jumping lines not clicking in Game 3.

The Hawks found their stride early in Game 4. They skated all over the Bruins till Brandon Saad skated right up the ice to give Michal Handzus a beautiful feed for goal number 1.

The game soon resembled a possessed pinball machine as the Hawks would score and the Bruins would answer. It didn't help that the officials were blatantly favoring the Bruins.  3 incredibly soft calls come to mind: Oduya (interference), Shaw (roughing), and Kane (hooking).


For once, Corey Crawford may have been the weak link in Game 4. All of the Bruins goals came in high glove-side on him. 2 of the 5 goals did result from 2 horribly called Blackhawks penalties though.

The rest of the team battled hard on the boards, won faceoffs, and set up many more quality chances than in the previous bouts against the Bruins.

Kane, Toews, and Bick gave the Bruins 1st line plenty of trouble. Thank God Q got the band back together.

Now that the Hawks have some confidence and momentum coming back home for Game 5, they have a solid chance to get back in the driver's seat.

Look for Crow to bounce back after a less than stellar game as he has all season. Hopefully the officials aren't as despicable in the Hawks building, but then again, they are NHL officials...

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