Andrew Shaw: The New Face of Chicago Hockey

Andrew Shaw: The New Face of Chicago Hockey
Andrew Shaw scored the game-winning 3OT goal in game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final #ShawFacts

After Friday's practice, a herd of media gathered in the corner of the Blackhawks dressing room. It took a while to break into the media mosh pit to discover they were focusing on Andrew Shaw.

After his 3OT game-winning goal Wednesday night, and his kamikaze type play in front of the net all season, Shaw is quickly becoming the new face of Chicago hockey.

Shaw's never-ending banter and chirping with teammates and opponents alike is also something that resonates with fans.

I was able to ask Andrew how he thought his match up with Bruins 6'9 defensemen Zdeno Chara would play out for the rest of the series.

Shaw later told the media playing in the Stanley Cup Final is "What you dream of as a kid, playing road hockey in the streets with your buddies... This opportunity doesn't come by much, so when it's there you have to seize the opportunity."

Perhaps what helps Andrew Shaw resonate with fans the most and what helped him earn a spot in the NHL is his work ethic. Not only is Shaw willing to go into the dangerous areas and battle in front of the net shift after shift, but he's usually one of the last to leave the ice after practice. Shaw takes it upon himself to learn as much as he can from the veterans and coaching staff.

Call it work ethic, or call it heart, but there is something very special about what Andrew Shaw brings to the table every game. He doesn't just look for opportunities to contribute on the ice, he earns them.

As the city is earning a new sports hero, look for Andrew Shaw to come up big for the Hawks in more ways through out the Stanley Cup Final.

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