2OT Is So Last Series: Game 1 Photos

Look, if the Blackhawks power play was better then they wouldn't be so awesome at winning games in OT.

Even though the Blackhawks looked like 7th grade boys too terrified and overstimulated to ask a girl to dance at a sock hop on the 5 on 3 power play, they still got it done. I just wish someone would have told me they were playing games 1 & 2 the same night...

The Hawks were off to a slow start and were once down 2-0 in the 1st before winning it in 3OT. Bollig played strong and physical in Stalberg's absence.

Shaw pestered Zdeno Chara, or as the media calls him "The most indestructible, athletic human of all time," through out the game, snagging the game-winning goal and an assist. He also dropped a sweet F-bomb live on NBC after the game.

Bolland had a big goal, a game-winning assist, and saved a goal. He went straight up Patrick Bateman on the Bruins.

"The Saad Father" was the first Blackhawk on the scoresheet with his first career playoff goal. Not only could this make Saad stand out as the undisputed Rookie of the Year, but he may now have the confidence to be a key player in this series.

The "Goalie Formally Known as Craw Daddy" was nothing short of spectacular with 51 saves, many of which belong on a highlight reel.

If the Hawks can turn it on in the 1st through out the rest of the series, they should be able to cause more trouble for the Bruins.

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