Blackhawks, Red Wings: Let's Get It On

The game was quite the nail-biter until the 3rd period. The Hawks were taking it to the Wings early on, but the Wings answered back with a 1-1 equalizer in the 1st. The Hawks began to excel in the 2nd, increasing the shot margin they had through out the game.

Later in the 3rd, Oduya led the surge with Kruger and Sharp following suit and it would end ugly for the Wings, 4-1.

Detroit had all the momentum in the world coming into this series after upsetting the Ducks. It's incredibly reassuring that the Hawks could play such a fast, tough game against the Wings after resting for 6 days. They were far from flat Wednesday night.

Once Kane and Toews find the back of the net again, this team will be too legit to quit. Literally.

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