Blackhawks Have the MOMO

On the brink of elimination, the Blackhawks did exactly what they needed to in order to get the momentum back on their side Saturday night. The Captain, Jonathan Toews, scored and the PP was working magnificently.

It was also great to see Shaw and Bick score as they have been the physical heart of the team in the playoffs. The Hawks are still facing elimination in Game 6 Monday night in Detroit, but they have what they were lacking in their leader and the PP back in tact, and more importantly, they have the momentum.

Shaw tweeted to fans a few hours before the game Saturday:

To everyone's surprise, the Blackhawks scored 2 PP goals against the Red Wings in Game 5, 1 of which was Toews' 1st goal of the playoffs. Andrew Shaw scored 2 goals and Bryan Bickell got one in the net as well.

Anything is possible in playoff hockey, especially with this team.

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