Blackhawks Honor Hossa and Extend Streak

The many fans who voyaged through the snow storm were rewarded with an even more historic night than usual at the Madhouse. They were able to witness the Blackhawks honor Hossa and extend their point streak.

Hossa's teammates all sported his jersey during warm ups to celebrate his 1,000th NHL game played this past Sunday in Detroit. Following warm ups, Hawks President and CEO John McDonough said some kind words about the Hoss and presented him with a painting of the best moment of his career "so far (see gallery)."

There seems to be a revealing formula to the Blackhawks wins... Keith is on the ice for all goals against and a key player like Kane and members of the supporting cast such as Saad or Bickell get on the board to save the defense. Too often Dunc is out of position, leading to a bad goal. For the games in the future when the offense isn't as effective, the Norris Trophy winner needs to play less like a hot dog vendor, and stay in better position.

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