Blackhawks are Deserving of Sports Illustrated Cover

Despite some immediate backlash to the honorable S I placement and headline, the Blackhawks are very deserving of the Sports Illustrated cover. You'd think hockey fans would just be happy hockey was back on the cover of S I after 3 years, but that's not the case.

Take Yahoo's Puck Daddy's comments on the cover. Mr. Daddy calls the cover "idiotic" in regards to it claiming the Blackhawks brought hockey back, and goes on to say that the Hawks' Stanley Cup victory in 2010 was "just-as-culturally-relevant" as those of the Bruins and Penguins. Did Boston and Pittsburgh have over 2 million people show up at their team's parades? Don't think so.

Puck also mentions the record number of viewers NBC is getting for hockey games involves many teams other than the Blackhawks. Of course, he failed to mention that the Detroit vs Chicago Sunday morning game a couple weeks ago earned a 1.6, making it the most-watched regular season game in history, excluding Winter Classics.

It's funny he missed that after linking a game between Boston and Montreal that aired the same night but didn't do as well.

Lastly, like most naysayers of the streak, he points out it isn't a "winning" or "undefeated" streak. To illustrate how remarkable of a streak the Hawks accomplished, let's take a look at the probability of such a streak happening again. According to Richard Cleary, a professor of mathematical sciences at Bentley University in Waltham, Mass, he lists the probability of such a streak occurring once every 700 years.

Not sure about you, but I take that as "I will never see such a glorious streak ever again."

Aside from mathematical proof of the relevance of the streak and therefore, the relevance of the Blackhawks, let's look at ESPN continually covering the streak throughout it's duration. This is also unprecedented as we all know how allergic to hockey ESPN is.

Let's not forget the Blackhawks have two other decorated streaks under their belt this year. Ray Emery is still undefeated at 10-0-0 (did not tally either of last two losses). He's the first goalie in NHL history to start a season that hot, and the Hawks had a franchise best winning streak of 11.

Like it or not Puck, the Blackhawks have netted a myriad of accomplishments this year and winning the Cup back in 2010 was a great start to a new dynasty.

They're the team everyone has been talking about since the lockout ended, because they earned it. What they have done for the NHL so far this season is nothing short of astounding.

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