Refs Miss ANOTHER Dangerous Hit on Hossa

As far as untalented scumbags in the NHL go, Jannik Hansen is the new Raffi Torres. Torres' hit was obviously more dangerous, but Hansen CLEARLY targeted Hossa's head and made no effort to get the puck.

Hansen straight up mmmbopped Hossa in the back of the head right in front of a linesman who at first didn't call a penalty, but later gave him a 2-minute minor for Roughing. Hansen should have at the very least gotten a 5-minute major & a game misconduct for targeting Hossa's head.

It's beyond insulting, preposterous, and scary that a blow to the head of a key NHL player who suffered a serious head injury last year, virtually went unpunished AGAIN by a linesman directly in front of the play.

An email from one of my readers pretty much sums it up: NHL refs are pathetic and so is NHL enforcement.  It’s a sick joke that won’t end until someone is seriously hurt and there is expensive litigation.

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    I agree, and the Canuck coach says "well it wasn't a penalty until Toews' talked to the refs, so it wasn't an illegal hit." Hey idiot, there wasn't a penalty called on Torres, and he got a 21 game suspension. Let's see, Crawford gets run over in the crease, no call, out for the last 2 games. In his first game as Crow's replacement, Emery gets run over, no penalty, but Oduya gets a penalty for standing up for his goalie. Looking at the hit that precipitated the fight last night, Weise was pretty close to off his feet at contact, no penalty.

  • Great additional points. And people wonder why "enforcers" are needed on the ice... Thanks for reading, Wayne.

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