Undefeated Blackhawks Break Franchise Record

It wasn't pretty, but the Hawks got it done Sunday night. They are the first Blackhawks team to win all of their first six games in franchise history.

After having a too close for comfort game in Columbus against the worst team in the league Saturday night, it's surprising the Hawks were able to squeeze one out against Detroit Sunday. It doesn't hurt that the Detroit Red Wings are disintegrating in front of our very eyes this season.

I'm not sure what's wrong with Brent Seabrook now, but he needs to snap out of it, or pay the ransom. He looks nervous, terrified, or both out there almost every game so far. His constant fumbling of the puck is making me wonder what happened to the old Seabs?

As for the rest of the Hawks, they were obviously bound to show some signs of fatigue after all the recent road games and this weekend's back-to-back contests. Hopefully they get some rest so we can see more of the team from the first four games.



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