Andrew Shaw Begins - #ShawFacts explode on Twitter

Christopher Nolan may have chosen not to shoot his third Batman movie in Chicago, but after one of the most awe-inspiring entrances to the Show, all sports considered, the Windy City undeniably has a new hero. Upon being called up to the NHL from the Blackhawks-affiliated Rockford Icehogs, Shaw is taking the city and perhaps the sport, by storm.

Since being called up, Shaw has 5 goals and an assit in 8 games. To be fair, a ref robbed him of another assist during a gritty play in front of the goal last night. During Wednesday night's Hawks game against the Sabres, Blackhawks and hockey fans all over the world began to show their support of the phenom by trending the hilarious and mostly original #ShawFacts on Twitter, followed by a thankful Tweet from the superhero himself. Below I've included some of my personal favorite #ShawFacts along with pictures I took of Shaw at the last few Hawks home games. For all of them check out #ShawFacts . The Blackhawks complied their favorites and so did sports writer Adam Jahns as well.



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  • If the captions appear to be cut off, use a different browser than Internet Explorer. Thanks for reading! Go Shawks!

  • I couldn't agree more. Andrew Shaw and let his ice time do the talking. Best of all, Shaw has sped up the Hawks game overall. He's a keeper!

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