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What to do on a rainy Sunday? Come to Northbrook!

Izzy says, "Wherever you (Dunk) sniffs, so do I!"  And she will often push him out of the way.
If you want your relationship with your dogs to be great, one of the best things you can do is to spend time with them outside, exploring.  Either on lead or off … depending of the law. I found a new place to walk my dogs in the suburbs that they love.  Actually, my husband... Read more »

A Chipped Dog is a Happy Dog

A Chipped Dog is a Happy Dog
Today we went to the Wauconda Dog Exercise Area in Lake County.  It’s a nice dog park for those times you don’t want to cope with a lot of mud and water, and there are plenty of cut trails to wander along with your dogs.  It was a warm day for January in Chicago, but... Read more »

Lose the Dog! (It's just a game)

Lose the Dog!  (It's just a game)
There’s nothing better than hiking with your dog(s) and family, that is, unless you are worried that your dog will get distracted, chase after something, and disappear.  This is especially true if you are able to hike in unleashed areas where there are no fenced-in boundaries to contain your canine explorer.  The featured photo was... Read more »

Unleashed Dog Parks are Fun for both Dog and Owner

Hmmmm.  Looks Interesting!
A big part of having fun with your dog can be taking him or her to an off-leashed park.  We tend to go to the ones in Lake County (even though I live in Cook County) because they are abundant in variety and in terrain.  You can join dog parks that are out of your... Read more »