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My very imperfect dogs

My very imperfect dogs
I’m not saying I’m not a happy dog owner.  I just wish my dogs did not have this one very annoying trait that occurs while on lead.  Most animal behaviorists would call it “lead (or leash) aggression.”  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is awful to feel them lunging against the lead... Read more »

Lilly and Maddison Update: Friends No Longer

Lilly and Maddison Update:  Friends No Longer
Remember the story of Lilly, the blind Great Dane and her canine guide dog, Maddison?  According to the BBC News, Lilly had adjustment problems after they were homed together in a new environment that resulted in an attack on Maddison.  Efforts were made to reconcile them by canine behavioral specialists at the Dogs Trust, but... Read more »