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My very imperfect dogs

My very imperfect dogs
I’m not saying I’m not a happy dog owner.  I just wish my dogs did not have this one very annoying trait that occurs while on lead.  Most animal behaviorists would call it “lead (or leash) aggression.”  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is awful to feel them lunging against the lead... Read more »

Doggy Adolescence: I'm not such a happy dog owner right now

Doggy Adolescence:  I'm not such a happy dog owner right now
The featured photo is a picture of “Queen” Isadora (Izzy) on her throne.  She has recently de-throned Wigglebutt Duncan from his favorite chair.  All this with no bloodshed in the war of chairs that is going on between them.  Dunkie, a more mature 4 year-old, seems resigned.  But this is not why I am not... Read more »

Want a Good Dog for Christmas? Read Steve Dale's "Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavioral Questions"

There are those of us who simply want our dogs to behave.  And then there are those of us who want to have a deeper understanding of the ‘whys’ of dog behavior.  While understanding the ‘whys’ has not yet been pinpointed by science other than the speculation that many behaviors occur in the limbic system,... Read more »