Watch Dog?

Watch Dog?
Watch Dog Duncan Asleep at his Post.

Tibetan Terriers, "The Holy Dogs of Tibet," have been known to be special dogs and among the oldest dog breeds in the world.  Other than serving as a talisman of luck for the lamas, the American Kennel Club description states that they were also used as watchdogs.  This is how our little boy, Duncan, guards the house at night.  When he is particularly tired, he may emit a couple of barely audible woofs to let us know that danger may be about.


Similar to our 'watchdog boy' Dunk, we have 'watchdog girl' Isadora Duncan, who is much more reactive to sound than Dunk, the more 'visual' reactor.  Izzy, likewise, is not the best guard dog either.
Watchgirl Izzy
They 'watch' when they are not supposed to (e.g., the television, Dunk barks to alert us to danger on the big small screen and then Izzy joins in); and they fail to watch when they should.  Nevertheless, they are our dogs and we love them.



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