Doggone Thanksgiving: I Miss Them!

Doggone Thanksgiving:  I Miss Them!
Duncan Probably Misses His Couch!

Doggone really means the dogs are gone.  They are not gone .... rather I am gone and they are being boarded at a wonderful boarding facility in Prospect Heights, Playful Paws.  I am with family for the holiday in Florida, who unfortunately don't love dogs as much as I do, and even if I were allowed to bring them, Dunkie is too large to stuff in a Sherpa carrier bag and place under an airplane seat.  I could probably stuff Izzy in one because she weighs 20 pounds.  Even though I know they are safe and probably having a good time, I miss them.  I'm assuming that they miss home.  Maybe they even miss me.  But then I could be accused of anthropomorphizing.

I hate to leave them, but the part that makes it almost bearable is the nighttime boarding at Playful Paws.  They have "pajama parties."  This means that someone is there 24/7 ... a human being ... to stay with them and they don't crate the dogs at night.  Any dog who wants to can sleep on the bed with either Val, Timmy, Megan, or Jordan, depending on who is taking care of the dogs for the night.  And if there are not enough dogs to warrant boarding, the staff will take the dogs home with them.  Not shabby, eh?  Even though I'm providing for the kind of care I want them to have, I still miss them.

They seemed to sense that we were leaving them.  Usually it's only me, leaving to visit my parents in Florida for a quick weekend or to go to Vail for Ski School training (also a quick weekend).  When I get dropped off at the airport, they could care less.  My husband remains at home with them and their routine is not changed.

This time, there were 2 carry-on suitcases in the car and their food.  We left the house at 6 a.m. to drop them off.  Dunk and Izzy were reluctant to leave their crates in the car.  They were persuaded.  Dunk walked into the facility as if he were resigned to it; Izzy, usually the queen of speed, dragged behind, tail between her legs .... very unusual for her in that she goes there every Friday for daycare with Dunkie.

I know it's kind of silly to love my dogs so much, but I've become aware that most people feel that way about their pets.  I've met people who have both babies and pets (fellow bloggers, you know who you are).  When they find out what I do, the smart phones come out, photos of our pets are viewed, and we all shamelessly confess that we have more photos of our pets on our phones than our children.

Even though I'm happy to be with my parents and grown children, I'm thinking that I'm a lonely dog owner right now.  I'll be a happier owner on Saturday afternoon when we pick them up.  Am guessing that Dunk and Izzy will be happy to see us, too.

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