Dog grooming product for horses, cats, and people

Dog grooming product for horses, cats, and people
A miracle product for horses, dogs, and even people!

Grooming your dogs professionally can be very expensive, particularly if their coats are matted. Because groomers try very hard to not harm dogs during the grooming process,  they will forgo trying to remove the knots and tangles and simply shave them down if dogs are too matted.  It hasn't happened to me ... yet, although when Dunkie was a puppy, part of his belly under his front leg was shaved to spare him pain in that sensitive area.  I actually appreciated that.  Now that he's an adult, he is far easier to groom and his coat is far easier to maintain.  Nevertheless, I remain an amateur groomer in my life with my long-haired Tibetan Terriers.

I don't know if this happens with other short-hair breeds or breeds that have fur instead of a double coat of hair, but there is a period of time ... often over 9 months ... where the puppy coat changes into the adult coat.  It doesn't actually change.  The adult coat grows along with the puppy coat, creating a mass of knots and tangles if you are not on top of the grooming part of it.  I learned the term for it among the Tibetan Terrier experts.  It's called  "blowing a coat."  I'm guessing that long-haired cats go through the same things because they can get matted just like dogs.

Several years ago, we amateurs from the Tibetan Terrier community on Facebook (FB) fretted mightily about the dreaded "blow" when our puppies were between one and two years of age, and discussed product use endlessly.  None of us wanted to have our dogs shaven due to mats.  Maybe other Tibetan Terriers coats are different from Dunk and Izzy's but their hair grows so slowly it's like watching paint dry on a wall.  Had they ever need to be shaved down, it would have taken more than a year for them to have a coat that was more than 3" in length.

Then a FB friend from Florida introduced us to this wonderful product called "Cowboy Magic." It was originally developed for horse groomers to detangle horses' manes and tails, and produce a wonderful shine.  Apparently, dog folk who deal with long-haired breeds thought it might work well as a grooming aid for dogs.  And it does!  If you go to their website, you will now find a section for horses and a section for dogs.

Although somewhat expensive, a 16-oz. bottle goes a long way.  It is clear in color, feels like oil, and dogs love the taste of it.  I rub about a nickel sized amount on my palm before I start trying to untangle a knot on my dogs.  Then I rub the oil thoroughly into the mat and see if I can separate it with my rotating detangler comb without pulling at the skin or harming the coat.  I may need to repeat the process several times, but with patience, almost all the matting can be removed.  For some reason, my dogs adore the taste of it as well.  So when I get out the bottle and ask them to lay down, they don't run away because they know that their 'reward' will be licking my hands after I'm done.

Recently, one of my FB friends from the United Kingdom mentioned that Cowboy Magic works so well on her Tibetan Terrier, that she now uses it on her own hair when being straightened and flat-ironed.  She says it works perfectly, kind of like a Keratin treatment that leaves her hair straight, soft, silky, and shiny.  She had a long discussion with her hair dresser when she brought the bottle of Cowboy Magic in with her to her hair appointment.  I can only imagine what that conversation must have been like.  So I'm guessing that Cowboy Magic may be the next new oil treatment for women's hair.  Who would have thought!  I'm not quite there .... yet.

Dunk likes Cowboy Magic1
I can't wait to lick the hand that grooms me.

Bottom line for me, though, is my dogs love Cowboy Magic.  I love Cowboy Magic.  Grooming them is more pleasurable than painful, and that makes me a happy owner.








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  • With so many folks saving by grooming on their own, this product looks fantastic! Dogs love any type of attention from their owner, even when it comes down to brushing their teeth and grooming. Pet hygiene is an excellent tool for the lifestyle many of us live, with four legged friends on the couch snuggled up by us. WithSuccessBeBlessed

  • I totally agree .... another issue is that dogs will actually try to remove the mats (or burrs they pick up) themselves by eating them. If they eat too many, the burrs can get stuck in their throats causing inflammation in the esophagus which may then necessitate a visit to the vet. I actually have about 6 combs scattered throughout my home. Also, the price is right!

  • Been using Cowboy Magic for a month now and my dog loves it. Why didn't I discover this earlier. Thanks for this one. I'm done with expensive grooming!

  • Hi Christian Rene, thanks for the comment. Cowboy Magic is great .... but expensive grooming can do things for my dogs that I can't do. Certainly, it reduces the number of times they need to be groomed professional .... but I'm not prepared to take on anal glands and ear plucking and tooth brushing (shame on me for the last one). Sue

  • I am surprised to read this blog and I wonder how the fashion industry has grown that there are grooming products for horses and dogs to name a few.
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