DNA rules in a Dallas condo: The Scoop on Poop

DNA rules in a Dallas condo:  The Scoop on Poop

If you've ever walked your dogs on lead, I'm sure you've encountered the 'leftovers' of undigested meals of dogs and the less than considerate behavior or owners who fail to clean up after their dogs.  I heard this story on WMAQ's early morning news and it had me howling.  Apparently, dog owners in a certain upscale condominium in Dallas are so disgusted by the behavior of dog owners when it comes to the clean up, that they are now working with a DNA company to identify which dog owners are the culprit.

It works like this:  1) every dog gets a mouth swab to identify its unique DNA; 2) the DNA gets processed and kept on file; 3) owners who don't comply with the clean-up law can either get fined or actually asked to leave the condominium residence.  I was on my way to the airport at 4:30 a.m., so I didn't get to hear the entire story.

So here's my take on it:

Cost of DNA swab:  $30

Cost of DNA processing:  $50

Having a poop-free grassy area:  Priceless!



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