What to do on a rainy Sunday? Come to Northbrook!

If you want your relationship with your dogs to be great, one of the best things you can do is to spend time with them outside, exploring.  Either on lead or off … depending of the law.

I found a new place to walk my dogs in the suburbs that they love.  Actually, my husband deserves the credit for the find.  It's a gem, and it's located in Northbrook off Techny Road between Waukegan and Shermer roads.  Despite it being a drizzly overcast day, we went exploring.  Dunk and Izzy enjoyed the flora and fauna, new smells and old smells (dare I say skunk aroma?) and my husband and I enjoyed a peaceful 2 mile walk in the Techny area of Northbrook, learning about pioneering traditions along the way and meeting and greeting other dogs and their owners.

This park is called "Illinois Open Lands" and is 'A Cooperative Outdoor Recreation Project.'  If you live in the northern suburbs of Chicago, you might recall the 'discussion' regarding what to do with the old Anetsberger golf course.  It was eventually purchased a number of years ago by the Northbrook Park District that developed the non-golf part of it as a gorgeous wetlands preserve.  The Northbrook Park District really hit a home run with this one.  The part I liked best was the stone replica of the base of "soddies" which were one-room homes built by the pioneers.  One caveat:  This portion of the park does not provide potty bags for your dogs, so be prepared to bring your own.

I am now sitting at home going through all the photos, with my two sleeping dogs nearby.  They had a good day; I've had a good morning.  And that makes me a happy owner.

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