The best travel crate ever! (if your dogs are not destructive)

The best travel crate ever!  (if your dogs are not destructive)
Because we travel with our dogs, this crate was one of the best finds ever.

Last October, my husband and I attended the H.H. Backer Pet Industry Trade Show as retailers for my side business,  The show is heaven on earth for dog lovers and compulsive spenders.  Wandering up and down through the aisles, I found a company that wholesales pet crates and pet strollers for pets of all sizes, Pet Gear.  At the end of the show, I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase their soft crate which you can see in photo above.  It is their largest rounded crate, measuring approximately 42" x 42" by 28" when open and is a perfect size for my two Tibetan Terriers, who fortunately get along well with one another when confined to it.  Both dogs and crate (and owners) have traveled with it to Colorado and St. Louis, so far.  One of the nicest features is that it collapses to a very manageable size for any type of travel.  Or you can use it at home to confine your dogs when needed, if you don't have individual metal crates for them, as we do.  Another nice feature is that it is very light-weight and not cumbersome to carry.


Dog Crate1
Dog Crate2
You can see how slim it is when closed.

The crates are not perfect for all dogs, however.  I've gotten feedback from other Tibetan Terrier owners that their dogs can scratch through the mesh netting and escape.  Fortunately, my little destructo-girl, Izzy, has not yet figured that one out.  Perfect dog, Duncan, wouldn't think to scratch at the mesh.  While consumers cannot purchase directly from Pet Gear, I've provided a link to the one I purchased, although you can use the search terms "Pet Gear Soft Rounded Dog Crate" to see if you can find it for less money on other sites.

Bottom line is that I have been very happy with this purchase.  My dogs like it; I like it; and that makes me a happy owner.

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