My Love Affair ... with Habanero Sauce

My Love Affair ... with Habanero Sauce
Habanero sauce has more uses that one might think.

Fortunately, the affair is now over, but I have to admit that at one time there was a new love in my life that usurped all other loves.  I fell in love with Dan's Prime XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce.  I know it sounds odd, but I was at my wit's end over Izzy's chewing the dining room chair leg rails as described in my last blog, complete with photos.  I'm almost afraid to post about this because I'm worried that people will think I'm that awful pet owner who poured Tabasco sauce down a poor dog's throat several years ago.  That was not me, nor would I ever do something like that to anyone in my family (or anyone's family for that matter).  But look at the chair in the photo below.  My heart was in my throat ... terrified, at the age of 61, that my mother would see it when visiting and yell at me about the 'darn dogs.'  After all, it was originally my parents' dining room set and they were still very attached to it, checking it out each time they came to Chicago to visit.

Poor Dining Room Chair

Clearly something had to be done.  Chair restoration was not in my budget.  I couldn't remove all the chairs in the dining room, and as we all know, when animals are quiet, something bad ... really bad ... is often happening.  OK, readers.  I can read your minds:  "Why doesn't she just crate the darn dog until she's more trustworthy?"  So very correct.  But Tibetan Terriers are not known to be totally reliable or trustworthy, even as adults.  Tabasco sauce on the chairs was recommended by 'people in the know' (on FB, of course), so off I traipsed to Whole Foods on a mission to find the hottest tabasco sauce made.

Undeterred by the store help's laughter at my request and reason, I purchased my habanero sauce and went home to 'paint' the chairs.  The first photo displays what the dining room chair rail should look like; the second photo shows how a chewed up chair rail appears with Dan's Prime XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce on it.  The beauty of this idea is that the color of the sauce both hid the chew marks and also blended in with the stain of my dining room chairs.  And the biggest beauty of all of this was that IT WORKED!!!!  Izzy went to chew, and leaped back in horror and dismay, smacking her lips as  I watched and giggled from afar.  I simply fell in love with Dan's Prime XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce.  My dining room chair legs seem safe for the moment, unless they now structurally unsound.


Dining Room Chair



Stained chair

P.S.  After my affair with Dan's Prime XXX Habaero Pepper Sauce ended, Izzy somehow realized that the cording on our white dining room upholstered chairs could also be something fun to pull at and chew on.  Red Habanero sauce on white upholstery clearly won't work.  So I'm now on a quest to find a liquid white or clear pepper sauce to use, if needed.  I found an interesting link on the web where I can purchase white pepper extract made by a company named Amoretti.  Looks pretty intense.  The cording seems OK so far.  Keeping fingers crossed.  Hoping that this happy owner doesn't need to purchase it.



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