Meet Miss Moxie!

Meet Miss Moxie!
Meet Miss Moxie

Yipee.  We have a new member of our (extended) family!  But we don't have to walk her or take her out to potty every couple of hours like we did when Dunkie and Izzy were that age.  It's kind of like being doggy grandparents. Meet Moxie.  Who could resist a face like that?  We call her Miss Moxie because she is filled with it.  She is my niece's 6 month old Tibetan Terrier and is as cute as a button.  Moxie just moved from the greater New York city area to Ann Arbor, where she 'guards' the house while my niece is in graduate school.  We drove to Ann Arbor on one of the hottest August days to be the welcome/organization committee when my niece moved into her student apartment.  Below is a picture of the chairpersons of the committee.

Duncan and Izzy serve as the welcome committee

It was 95 degrees, no breeze, and the first thing we did was to install a window AC unit.  Despite some cooler air, all 3 Tibetan Terriers were exhausted by the heat and couldn't wait for the box to be opened and the air conditioning to be installed.  Then they climbed onto the sofa which was right in front of it and soaked up all the cool air that was meant for the apartment.

Supervising the work

Izzy was a bit miffed by not being the center of attention, as you can probably tell.  If looks could kill, I don't know where Miss Moxie would be.  Miss Moxie, for her part, was nonplussed.  They eventually sorted it out.